Golf Lessons 101: Three Steps to Improve Your Aim

Understanding how to aim the clubface can be one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. A golfer can execute a perfect swing every time, but if they don’t know how to aim the clubface properly it will be difficult to score well. Most golfers feel as though they are aimed propery, so instead of making an adjustment to aim point they will make compensations in the downswing and jeopardize changing a swing that may not need any adjustments at all.

There are many factors that go into aiming so we will only discuss a few at this time. Three things to consider: where should you be at impact, how does shoulder alignment affect your aim point, and how to use visualization to improve ball flight.

The first step towards hitting a straight shot is to understand the position of the clubface at impact and the path it took to get there. It is important to realize that the path must be travelling towards the target and that the clubface must be square to the target through impact.

Once a golfer understands these points he can start to focus on the other alignments that need to be considered to execute a straight shot. Unfortunately, aligning the clubface correctly isn’t the only factor to hitting the ball on your intended target line. Other alignments to consider at address include foot alignment, hip alignment, and shoulder alignment to name a few. If there are no additional compensations being made throughout your backswing, your swing path should follow the line that your shoulders started on.

At address take your golf club and hold it up to your chest so that the shaft is touching both shoulders and aimed down your target line. If this line created by the golf shaft is aimed left or right of the target, it will be difficult to start the ball off on the target line.

One final piece of advice is more mental than physical, but some argue that golf is more of a mental game than anything. Most tour players visualize their shots before executing. The reason being, if you can see the shot being made, it is easier for your body to follow through with those thoughts.

If you are playing around a tree or towards a yardage marker, make sure that you are focusing your target line at that point rather than confusing your thoughts between the desired target and the pin. While playing around a hazard, pick the point you want to hit to and focus on that as your aim point. If you produce the correct swing path and clubface position at impact to work the ball around the hazard, executing won’t be a problem. The problem usually arises when the brain has multiple swing thoughts going through it at one time. Visualize and execute.

These golf tips are designed to help the average golfer improve their game.  If you have any questions or wish to receive your own personalized golf lessons feel free to contact us.


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