Golf Lessons 101: Chipping Fundamentals

The average golfer will hit less than half the greens in regulation, meaning that chipping will be a critical part of their game. Here are a few concepts to keep in mind the next time you find yourself needing to get up and down for par.

Pre-Shot Swing Thoughts

  1. Grip slightly down on the club – Maintain a grip consistent with that of the full swing, while choking down an inch or two on the club.
  2. Address will look more like impact position – As opposed to address for a full swing, the chip shot should start at impact position.  This will include a forward shaft lean, hands slightly ahead of the ball, and the grip end of the club pointed towards the lead hip.
  3. Weight slightly forward on lead foot – Your weight should favor the lead foot, but only slightly more than the trail foot.  This will encourage a downward stroke on the ball.
  4. Body alignment (feet, hips, and shoulders) left of target, clubface square to target – In the basic chip shot, make sure the path of the clubhead stays down the target line through impact.
  5. Ball position closer to trail foot – This also encourages ball-first contact and a downward stroke on the ball.
  6. Narrow stance – Address the ball so that your feet are approximately 4-6 inches apart and slightly open to the target.

In-Swing Swing Thoughts

  1. Arms back and through, no wrist action – The arc of the swing will be made using just your arms and little to no wrist action.  The additional lever in the swing is not needed unless you are trying to promote a higher ball flight (the pitch shot) or need to produce spin.
  2. Accelerate through with club reaching bottom of swing arc past the golf ball – This swing thought is very important to avoid ‘chunking’ your chip shot.  Once again, you want to encourage a downward stroke on the ball and make sure that you are accelerating through impact with your hands.
  3. Length of backswing and follow through are equal – The clubhead should never be higher than the hands.  The amount of acceleration will help determine the distance the ball will travel.
  4. No weight shift – Focus on keeping most of your weight on your lead foot.  Any weight shift back will make it difficult to hit down on the ball and accelerate through impact.

These golf tips are designed to help the average golfer improve their game.  If you have any questions or wish to receive your own personalized golf lessons feel free to contact us.


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