Golf Lessons 101: The Grip- Pressure and Precision

This is Part 2 of our Grip Series- obviously the grip can not be explained in a couple of blogs so we will continue to post more about the grip as the site grows.


This is a debatable subject because Pressure is relative to the person and to the club being used. However, it is important that any increase in grip pressure, during the golf swing, should be instinctual.

  1. We are going to pretend that the grip of the golf club is a bird and we are trying to hold it tight enough not to let it go but loose enough as not to kill it.
  2. Imagine how your hand would react instinctively to the bird’s attempts to leave your hand. This is how gripping the club works.

It is really important that when you are working on your grip, you have a PGA Professional ensuring that your Pressure is consistent each swing. This is important because maintaining a consistent grip Pressure will ensure a consistent shot pattern.


This ability is the Most important because it is the skill that gives you the most consistency in your grip. It is funny how many people just grab the club any which way without a care in the world; when the grip is the most Important place to be precise. Remember there are 27 bones in each one of your hands and they all affect how you grip the club. Placing these 27 “children” in the same place each time you grip the club is a chore that should not be taken lightly.

  • Whether you grip the club in a “closed faced,” “open faced,” or “neutral faced” grip, it is vitally necessary to place your hands Precisely each time you grip the club

 The way you promote precision in your grip is simply by practicing your grip and practicing correctly. Developing a consistent routine that you do before every shot is crucial to maintaining your grip. This means that you have to commit to your routine and stick to it throughout every round you play. Remember that every time you put your hands on that club you are preparing to hit the shot of your life. If you treat every shot like you are breaking your scoring record you will learn precision very easily.

Keep following this blog for more tips on the grip and how to maintain your position, placement, pressure, and precision. Send us your videos for your free golf lesson. To send your video contact us.


One Response to “Golf Lessons 101: The Grip- Pressure and Precision”

  1. Ron Celano Says:

    Thanks for the tip. One thing that I have found very helpful is to make sure and keep the same grip pressure during the take-a-way. Many people tighten up their grip during this time which causes loss of power and off center hits.

    Author of “Triangulate Your Golf Swing.”

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