Golf Lessons 101: Balance Drill

Balance is probably the one fundamental that I would put above all others for developing a consistent golf swing. I firmly believe that most amateur golfers have terrible balance and are completely unaware that they have balance issues. There are a few things that you can check to determine if you have balance issues in your swing.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. Can I hold my finish??
  2. Where is my weight in my golf swing??
  3. Can I stand on my left foot after I finish??
  4. How is my balance when I close my eyes??
  5. What am I doing after I finish my swing?? Fall, Lose Balance??
  6. If you lose your balance, which way do you fall??
  7. Does your finish look like Paula Creamer’s??
  8. Can you hold your finish for more than 5 seconds??
Answers You Should Have:
  1. It should be very easy to hold your finish.
  2. Your weight should be centered and slightly on your right side at address.
  3. When you finish, can you lift your right leg without falling over or losing your balance.
  4. You should feel at ease when your eyes are closed. This should be the same when you stand on either leg with your eyes closed.
  5. Finish with a stable balanced swing with your weight on your left side and holding your balance.
  6. If you fall at all you should be doing some sort of balance drill.
  7. Your finish should be balanced and poised with your weight completely transferred to your left side.
  8. If you can count to 5 while holding your finish, your balance is pretty good and you might want to work on something different than balance.

*These questions and answers are for right handed players- for lefties you should flop which foot you balance on in the golf swing.
Balance Drill
If your answers differed from the answers I have provided then this drill could be an answer to your problems. Hopefully, this video will be a great drill that will help you find your balance in your golf swing. This drill is called the Single Leg Balance Narrow Base Golf Posture. If you wish to see a video of this drill check it out at
  1. Start with one foot off the ground and get into your golf posture.
  2. Get your balance and hold this pose.
  3. After you have your balance, slowly lift your heel off the ground and balance on the balls of your feet.
  4. Feel your “proprioceptors” activate and strengthen your balance muscles.
  5. This drill should begin to slowly affect your balance- you will feel yourself trying to balance as soon as you start this drill.
These tips are designed to help the average golfer improve their game.  If you have any questions or wish to receive your own personalized golf lessons feel free to contact us.

One Response to “Golf Lessons 101: Balance Drill”

  1. Don Says:

    Good Post!! It’s amazing how many golfers ignore something so basic as balance. They don’t realize how essential it is to the game. Looks like your balance drill would be a good addition to anyone’s golf workouts. I will have to try it out and see if my balance is in check.

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