Golf Lessons 101: Bunker Practice

First Thing you have to know about Bunkers is that there are many different types of Bunkers. There are Bunkers that are full of sand, Bunkers that have no sand, and Bunkers that have a little sand. In these different types of Bunkers there are also different types of Sand that you have to think about. With these different types of sand, there are different techniques for getting the ball out of the Bunker.

Types of Sand and Techniques

There are several different ideas about how to hit Bunker shots and to tell you the truth it actually depends on the type of sand you are playing out of that day.

Rocky Sand

  •  This type has a very thin layer of playable sand and usually has larger granules of sand that resemble rocks or small pebbles.
  • The shot required for this type of sand is a less traditional shot that is less “blast” technique and more of a “sweeping”motion through the sand. You will take a lot less sand  in this Bunker shot and you will have to control the distance of the shot by your swing speed and length of your swing.

Powdery Sand

  • This type of sand has a thick layer of very fine sand that is very easy to get through. You will probably notice that your feet sink in this type of sand and that it feels kind of like a beach.
  • Make sure, in this type of sand, that you get your feet and stance set because you might have a tendency to slide in this sand.
  • This is a good time to use the classic “blast” technique. Get in there and really dig that ball out of the sand. Get set and take a big swing attacking the sand at a steep angle into the sand. Make sure you finish your swing and keep the club accelerating through the sand.
  • Control the distance with this shot by taking more or less sand depending on the distance you are trying to cover. More sand for less distance and less sand for more distance.
Thin Powdery Sand (Hybrid)
  • This type of sand is much thinner than the powdery type but it still has the same type of consistency as the powdery sand. It will feel like beach sand under your feet but you will be a little more stable than the powdery type.
  • The technique for this type of sand is kind of a hybrid as well; you will be trying to “sweep” and “blast” the ball out of the sand. You will be trying to come in a little more shallow like the rocky sand, but you will control the distance of the shot by how much sand you take just like the powdery type of sand.
  • This type takes a little more time to get used to because the sand is very inconsistent in how deep it is (normally). Keep practicing and work on your feel for this types of sand.

For these tips and more keep checking for more posts each week. Send us your videos for a free golf lesson and free tips online from James or Brinson. Feel free to Contact Us any time.


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