Golf Lessons 101: Finishing a Good Round

Everyone has had one of those rounds where everything is going great and then you get to the last two holes and your score blows up because you mess those holes up. This happens to a lot of players because the thought of a good round sometimes gets in your head. Most players try to get too much out oftheir round instead of focusing on finishing strong.

When you get to those final holes, most players are thinking, ” Let’s get one more birdie,” and they end up overextending themselves and hitting some questionable shots during those last holes costing them their good round. To avoid making those mistakes toward the end of a good round it is important to take those mistakes and bad misses out of play.

The Steps to Making your round the best of your life are really simple and can make all the difference:

  1. Accept that the round you have put together is good and that you want to finish strong.
  2. Once you have accepted that you have a good round going, your next goal is to focus on finishing the best that you can.
  3. Take note of the holes you have left and decide that you should minimize any chance of going out of bounds or losing a golf ball. Hitting balls out of bounds or losing your golf ball can be the detriment of a good round. Limit your misses and take the appropriate club for your tee shot.
  4. Hitting the tee shots on your final holes are the most important part of finishing strong. Think positive and concentrate on hitting the fairway. KEEP YOUR DRIVER OUT OF YOUR HAND!!!
  5. Hitting your second shot (or 3rd shot) into the green is important. You want to focus on the middle of the green. Do not go after any dangerous pins or any tough shots. We are trying to finish our round strong. Remember That!!!
  6. Lag every putt to the hole. Try to leave yourself a 1-2 foot putt for your par. Going after birdies will sometimes result in 3 putts so please focus on keeping your putts short of the hole.
  7. Focus on a hoola-hoop sized ring around the cup and hit your putts inside that.
  8. If you do this for the rest of your holes you will surely finish with the round you were hoping for after the 1st step.

These tips are for people trying to finish a great round that they have never been able to do before… Please Send your videos to us so we could analyze your swings and give you a free golf lesson online. Visit our about us page and send us your videos.


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