Golf Lessons 101: 3 Keys to Driving Distance

There are many elements that create a powerful golf swing and allow players to hit the ball for great distances, but here are 3 fundamentals that you could start working on today to increase your Driving Distance.

  1. “Centerdness” of  Contact
  2. Angle of Attack
  3. Club Head Speed

“Centerdness” of Contact- is vital to creating consistent distance that you can repeat throughout the whole round.

  • Hitting the club in the center of the face is developed by practicing in a way that you have feedback on where the ball Actually hits your club face. I like to use Driver face tape or Markit Spray, which is a white spray that can be used on any of your clubs to see where you are hitting the club face.
  • I recommend the Markit Spray for your driver because it wipes away clean with a damp towel and you can really see the exact location of the ball mark even on missed shots. This material also covers the entire face unlike face tape.
  • Simply understanding if and when you hit center shots will give you more confidence in all your clubs. Plus, when you consistently hit those shots in the same place on the club face you will become a better player.

This ball mark is Center on the club face, but remember that with a Driver it is important that the mark be Above the equator of the face of the Driver . Being above the equator does two things:

  1. Gives the ball a higher Launch Angle so that we get more carry out of each swing.
  2. Reduces Back Spin so that when the ball lands it rolls longer and travels further on the ground.

REMEMBER: Height = Distance – Air will always have less friction than turf-strive to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible while still retaining Center contact.

Angle of Attack- is the second piece in our Distance  puzzle and it is the second most important piece as well.

  • The Angle of Attack is defined as the directionality of the club head as it approaches the ball before impact. This could be “Steep” or “Flat” or any thing in-between these two terms.
  • Steep is when the club is moving in a more downward motion toward the ball at impact. This type of swing is used primarily with your irons and wedges to promote solid contact and more spin. However, this type of swing works counter productive to your Driver swing.
  • Flat, which is really a poor term to describe it, is when your club is moving closer to the ground and on a more upward path toward impacting the ball. This means that you will be hitting the ball when the club is moving “up.” This “up” motion may only happen for 1 or 2 degrees before you hit the shot, but this more allows for that high launch angle and low spin golf shot that everyone is looking for with their Driver.
  • Keep in mind that while swinging “up” with your driver is important for gaining Distance , it is really important to strive for Center Contact as well with these golf shots.

  • Notice: Tiger keeps his head behind the ball while he transfers his weight from his right to his left side. This is important to achieving the “upward” motion we were looking for in our Driver.
Head Back-Weight Forward Drill
  1. Start this drill with your PW and move your way up. This drill is difficult so using a slower swing speed is preferred.
  2. In this drill, you will start with your head behind the ball and your weight already shifted to your left side (for right handed players) then you will hit small pitch shots.
  3. Keep your body in this same position as you increase the club head speed. The idea here is to look like Tiger in the picture, only with your wedge. If you get this move down your Driver will surely follow.
  4. Note: be sure to keep transferring your weight after impact. If you keep your head behind the ball for the entire swing you will either block it right or hit a pull hook. This drill is for creating a feeling at Impact that you need to feel every time you swing.
Club Head Speed- probably the least important component to creating sustainable, reliable, and consistent Driving Distance.
  • If you think about it, there are a lot of people in this world that can swing the club as hard as Bubba Watson or JB Holmes. What separates the amateur long ball hitter and Bubba Watson is not their swing speed, but the Angle of Attack and the Centerdness of Contact that Bubba utilizes in his golf swing. These are the reasons why Bubba hits it 320 down the middle and the equivalent Swing Speed player hits it 280 in the trees.
  • Club Head Speed is a dimension of distance because when done properly, obviously you will hit it further. But, this instructor believes that developing consistent distance is more important than maximizing distance.
These golf tips are designed to help the average golfer improve their game.  If you have any questions or wish to receive your own personalized golf lessons feel free to contact us.
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