Video Analysis

Here at Golf Lessons 101, our primary goal is to provide you with proper instruction to see significant improvements in your golf game.  In addition to the blogs and advice that we provide, we want to offer you an additional service that fully personalizes your experience while viewing our site.  The easiest and fastest way for you to improve your game is through the use of video analysis.

Who doesn’t want a fully personalized service from a professional willing to work with them one on one?  By providing us with a video of your swing we can offer a full analysis including a break down of your swing and any faults you may have, a follow up lesson plan including drills and swing thoughts to focus on during your next range session, and answers to any specific questions you may have from a golf instructor completely free of charge!

If this is something that interests you, but you aren’t 100% confident yet feel free to check out our YouTube Channel to view videos and analyses of some of our other students or view the video below to observe a swing from one of Brinson’s students last year.

Really good swing here. This gentlemen has been playing great golf for a long time, but has recently started hitting a pull slice. Looking at this swing we can see that he has a tendency to go across the line at the top of the swing (notice clubhead and shaft pointing to the right at the top). This is a classic case of over rotation in the backswing. There is a time at around 5 seconds where you can see a noticable “hitch” in his backswing. This means that he has passed the point that his body can physically handle; ie. the hitch. The fix would be to restrict his hip motion (in the backswing) in order to keep the backswing from going to far. He would perform this without a club at first with arms crossed on his chest. Do this for several swings to get the feeling of a restricted back swing.


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